SQL - Database Programming Language
This course covers the basics of working with SQL. Work your way through the videos/articles and I'll teach you everything you need to know to interact with database management systems and create powerful relational databases!
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Lesson 14
Author : Mike Dane
Last Updated : December, 2017


Copy-- Find the number of employees
SELECT COUNT(super_id)
FROM employee;

-- Find the average of all employee's salaries
SELECT AVG(salary)
FROM employee;

-- Find the sum of all employee's salaries
SELECT SUM(salary)
FROM employee;

-- Find out how many males and females there are
SELECT COUNT(sex), sex
FROM employee

-- Find the total sales of each salesman
SELECT SUM(total_sales), emp_id
FROM works_with
GROUP BY client_id;

-- Find the total amount of money spent by each client
SELECT SUM(total_sales), client_id
FROM works_with
GROUP BY client_id;