Javascript - Program the Web
This course covers the basics of programming in Javascript. Work your way through the videos/articles and I'll teach you everything you need to know to make your website more responsive!
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Building A Quiz

Lesson 24
Author : Mike Dane
Last Updated : October, 2017


Copyvar questions = [
           prompt: "What color are apples?\n(a) Red/Green\n\ (b) Purple\n(c) Orange",
           answer: "a"
          prompt: "What color are Bananas?\n(a) Teal\n\ (b) Magenta\n(c) Yellow",
          answer: "c"
          prompt: "What color are strawberries?\n(a) Yellow\n\ (b) Red\n(c) Blue",
          answer: "a"
var score = 0;

for(var i = 0; i < questions.length; i++){
     var response = window.prompt(questions[i].prompt);
     if(response == questions[i].answer){
     } else {
alert("you got " + score + "/" + questions.length);